Saturday, 9 August 2014

74/100 Happy Days

#100happydays taste testing before Dot's birthday. The first Swiss roll I have made since school. If practice makes perfect, we will all double in size before I get this right. #whatwouldPaulandMarysay?

Delicious, brownie-like and a bit toffee-esque meets meringue. It went from being a bit soggy to biscuity in a flash.

Friday, 8 August 2014

73/100 Happy days

Baking meringues in my sparkling new oven I've already licked the spoon, now waiting in anticipation to eat the finished ones with strawberries and cream. #100happydays 73/100

Thursday, 7 August 2014

72/100 Happy days

I started going through my holiday photos today, it was almost as if I was still there watching the sunsets again. ‪#‎100happydays‬ 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

71/100 Happy days

6th August
Coming back from holiday and keeping up the relaxed feel with a trip to the cafe for a cheeky crepe and a catch up with friends. 
An old photo as I didn't take one at the time.

100 happy days 61 - 70

Day 61
27 July
It's always nice to have a bit of validation. A resource I made very swiftly (and with typos) got a good review on TES. I wouldn't normally post this sort of thing but it can be part of my ‪#‎100happydays‬ and because I know at least person who will like this even without tagging her.
(Karen Arthurs - who did know it was her!)

Day 62
28 July
A sunset with beautiful fluffy clouds always makes me happy. This one is the view from my hotel at Gatwick airport, all set to fly tomorrow. #100happydays

Day 63
29 July
The pool to myself? In Santorini? Would be rude not to #100happydays

Day 64
30 July
Lounging by the pool with my little girl after a cooling swim - and.ridiculous attempts to do underwater handstands. Luckily, we still have the pool to ourselves most of the time.‪#‎100happydays‬

Day 65
31 July
Our second full day on holiday and the second time a local has assumed we are French. I don't know why, but we took it as compliment. #100happydays 65/100

 Day 66
1 August
The other pool had 8, yes 8, people in it. So we have moved 20m to this one where we are shaded by palm trees. And the ground is too hot for bare feet.#firstworldproblems sorry, that should read#100happydays.
The real highlight today was a swim to the thermal springs from the boat but my camera isn't waterproof.

Day 67
2 August
Despite a lovely day my #100happydays has to be getting home safely. To cut a long story short we weren't kidnapped or worse by the owner of the shop and his grandson who drove us down dusty tracks in complete darkness in a strange town with "we will rock you" blaring from the radio. We popped into a shop to ask directions and when we were bundled into a minibus our imaginations over took us....
It turns out the shop has some arrangement with local holiday companies that we were unaware of and we were on the free shuttle bus.

Day 68
3 August
Here's my #100happydays photo. We went by boat to Ios. Golden, shimmering sand and fab sunset to boot. And snorkle-less snorkling.

Day 69
4 August
Our last day in Santorini, mainly spent by the pool but we had a walk along our black beach, an ice cream, a dip in the sea and some random giggling. Today's#100happydays pic.

Day 70
5 August
A last minute, early morning swim before we headed home. #100happydays 70/100

100 Happy Days 51-60

Day 51
17 July
In this weather so nice to take off work shoes and slip into something more comfortable 
‪#‎100happydays ‬‪#‎hatersgonnahate

Day 52
18 July
Spending a relaxed couple of hours with a group of year 6 leavers - having fun and looking forward to their next step.

Day 53
19 July
Curly - the petals on my dahlia. The bulb cost £1 from Wilkos - I am surprised and delighted that it actually grew.

Day 54
20 July
Beautiful sunset from my tent, July 20, the phone camera didn't do it justice when I first uploaded to facebook. This was taken at the same time with my camera and uploaded later. #100happydays

Day 55
21 July
And for today's #100happydays some silliness sheltering from the rain camping. My hair was doing its best 'Monica in Barbados' impression this weekend.

Day 56

22 July
Iced water, iced fruit slices on a hot day
And off for a stiffer drink in a few minutes

Day 57

23 July
Walking home from school for the last time. I just had a lovely 4 weeks in a lovely school where I was made welcome and was included as part of the team from the beginning - they coped with my eccentricities very well too.‪#‎100happydays‬

Day 58
24 July
This dog is always happy to see me. It's lovely to be greeted with excitement even if it's only because she associates me with walks. 

Day 59
25 July
The Help
You know when you have a book you can't put down and the world around you fades away? I have got to the point that I am reading too fast because I want to know what will happen and then have to re-read, but I also never want it to end. So before it's over my #100happydays is that I haven't finished yet. 59/100

Day 60
26 July
Today Dorothy and I are preparing for our girls weeks away including admiring our newly shaped brows which had done together. A bit of a first, not being famous for pampering ourselves

100 Happy days 41 - 50

Day 41
7 July
A hint of colour at last.
First {first flower}
After several attempts and defying slugs and other scavenging creatures, the plants are beginning to flower in my Belfast sink.

Day 42
8 July
#100HappyDays Sharing my stupidity with the world and hearing funnier stories in return.

Day 43
9 July
I am a novice and so it took a long time, but, I think I have finished editing the soundtrack for my class' entry in the school talent show. 'Happy' and 'I love my shirt'. And relax.

Day 44
10 July
#100happydays 44/100 Seeing the beautiful poppies grown in remembrance of WW1

Day 45
11 July
I was tagged in, then shared Michelle Goodwin's photo: It's hard to explain how and why this had us in stitches tonight but there's nothing better than a fit of giggles with a friend xx

Day 46
12 July
Thank you for a lovely afternoon tea with lovely people.‪#‎100HappyDays‬ 
Happy birthday Sheena! 

Day 47
13 July
Apple crumble and custard? Don't mind if I do! Thanks Dots xx

Day 48
14 July
My photo was selected for the daily collage on the photoaday challenge again. ‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day 49
15 July
Things children say...
Ok, so this is a blatant bid to turn around my day and make it my ‪#‎100happydays‬ entry - if these stories make any of you happy in my anguish, that will work for me.
Two children were not all that tactful today.
Child 1 - in a voice full of shock and surprise, and a tad of concern: Mrs Harper what are you doing? How are you doing that? Old people can't sit on the floor with their legs crossed!

Child 2: Mrs Harper are you having a baby, because if you are you need to go to hospital!
{Do I look as if I am about to have a baby?} 
Child 2: Yes.

Day 50
16 July
#100happydays the buzz of bees around the flowers in my garden

100 Happy Days 31 - 40

Day 31
27 June
I'm not sure my supply class this week is actually normal. This is how they arrived in the room this morning, the teachers were all really welcoming too. What a lovely school.

Day 32

28 June

Transported back to my childhood summers, when I used to read a much earlier edition - hardback and with a torn dust cover, in my grandmother's house.
Nick bought this one for my birthday purely because of the illustrations.

Day 33
29 June
A bit of light relief from the world cup, and an antidote to the last film I watched with my daughter (My Sister's Keeper), tonight we watched 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'. I definitely enjoyed it more than I should have done.

Day 34
30 June
I bought myself some marbles, I am now looking forward to using them in photos n stuff
#100happydays 34/100

Day 35
1 July
Working, for a couple of weeks, close to home -  so my entry for #100happyDays today is, walking home from work in the sunshine. 35/100

Day 36
2 July
It's been too long ‪#‎100happydays‬ ‪#‎chocolate‬ ‪#‎flake‬

Day 37
3 July
The flowers in my front garden haven't been demolished by the slugs as they have in the back. Finally the flowers are starting to bloom - and I never knew that poppies came in pink!

Day 38
4 July
My freaky photo was selected to be in a 'terrific 12'
And has had about 500 likes.
Aaanndd I was in good company! (Sandie Riley is a facebook friend)

Day 39
5 July
What's not to love
More chocolate covered strawberries ‪#‎100happydays‬

Day 40
6 July
Meeting up with uni friends Jo and Lucy - 25 years on!

100 Happy days 24-30

Day 24
24/100 #100HappyDays I had a win win win at Aldi
1 - I didn't queue for a parking spot
2 - fresh mint ready to plant - I had forgotten I needed it for my Pimms o'clock
3 - I beat the cashier. No having to pack in the bagging area shame for me.

Day 25
June 21st
Here's my ‪#‎100happydays‬ photo for today: Dots back from Wales where she had the best time. Thank you Karen,Kristie and Miss Wells 

Day 26

June 22nd
Friends (not everyone wants to have their photo on fb), sunshine, strawberries, cream, meringue, chocolate, pimms ‪#‎100HappyDays‬ 26/100

Day 27

June 23

Thank you all so much for my lovely birthday wishes, I've had the best birthday. Here is a wee collage of pics from today - more tomorrow.

#100HappyDays 27/100

Day 28

June 24
What a clever little nephew I have.
I came from work to find I had a present, inside was an upcycled plastic bag chicken chosen by Alex Forman and a card designed by him.
I wanted one of these chickens so badly a few years ago I found out how to make them (or something like them). Now I have the real thing.

Day 29

June 25th
My work is done!

Day 30

June 26th
I've had the most lovely class this week and, although I was booked into another school for tomorrow, I have been able to sort it so that I can have another day with them. Now, fingers crossed for a dry afternoon so we can have sports day.

#100HappyDays 30/100